Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Queen Victoria, Galt"

At Alison's.  I vaguely remember George telling me this was in Galt.  Perhaps I should just say Cambridge...  

Wheat Field

At Alison's.  This was probably painted at the same time as "Parents Home out Frederick Street." 


At Alison's.  According to the sticker on the back, this painting was exhibited at the Eleventh Annual Western Art Exhibition in 1951.  It is also named in the exhibition catalogue for the 2nd Annual Winter Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, 1949

Television, Preston Highway, 1951

At Alison's.  This was a painting that Ralph painted many times.  The sign advertising the tv is on the outhouse. 

This is a not very good copy of the version at Richard's house.  Once I get a better copy I'll post it.