Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Bench" 1951

At Richards

The City Church, 1951

At Richards.  This painting is still in the original frame and has two exhibition stickers on it.  One is the 11th Annual Western Ontario Art Exhibition (1951) and the other is for the Elsie Perrin Williams Memorial Art Museum.  The other interesting feature is the note "Behind Coal Yards"

Saturday, December 18, 2010


At Linda's

"Grist Mill" 1947

At Linda's.  This was given as an anniversary present from Jerry to Doreen.

I think it's a grist mill from the window placement and it's location on water.  I wonder if it might even be the same building as the series of paintings I've called "Mill Pond."

2015: Window placement similar to Dickson's Mill (Galt) as seen below (from Cambridge Archives) on end, but not on sides

or possibly Chicopee Flour Mill?

Afternoon, 1950

At Linda's

"Still Life with Fruit"

At Linda's

Jerry Conner

At Linda's.  For comparison, a cropped picture of Jerry from an old photo

"Yellow Houses" 1951

At Linda's - is this the same location as "King Street" located at Wendy's?  Roof line very similar

"November Street" 1951

At Linda's

River Reflections, 1951

Linda's house

Birches, 1937

At Lori's

"Ocean View" 1937

At Lori's house.
This looks very much like the ocean in the background.  In 1935 the Van Rooy's were living in Halifax and by 1945 (when Alfred died) they were in St. John's so it is very likely that Ralph would have visited the area.

White Church at Doon, 1949

60 x 68 cm
At Wendy's

"Still Life with Teapot"

At Wendy's

Self Portrait, 1945

47 x 35 cm
At Wendy's

Bridge, Conestoga, 1951

At Wendy's

King Street, Kitchener, 1951

At Wendy's.  Nana's signature

Village Street, 1951

At Wendy's.  Another copy of a painting owned by the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, but this one obviously painted later in the day. See the shadows in their copy below.

Morning Light, 1946

  94 x 100 cm

At Wendy's.  This is a previous entry called "Yesterday" from a photo I took at the exhibit in Kitchener.

Guelph Church, 1947

At Wendy's.  The church in the background is the Church of Our Lady, 28 Norfolk Street Guelph, Ontario

The Old Hut, Cressman's Woods, 1947

40 x 44 cm

At Wendy's

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


At Barb's.  She found this recently in an antique shop.  Looks like it was probably painted in the 30's.